Want to see in my kitchen and watch me bake?

This recent Ayria interview was featured on Dark Planet ( a show that explores Dark Alternative Culture from Around the World. Come inside my kitchen and watch as we make a mess and bake some delicious goodies!

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What a fun video… “sexy, provocative, bitchy and edgy” Jenn with “brooding dark chocolate & bitchin pink icing” – I love it! Thanks for letting us into your kitch and studio! Way cool! Wanted to see more of the Studio. Is that a homemade Jenn doll on the 2nd shelf to the right (at 3:31)? Can’t wait for the 4th cd, melodies and vocals! =) Thanks again for sharing this!
(p.s. it’s really maddening that people would copy/steal your music instead of paying for it properly; you’re a great artist and deserve to be paid for your music! I know your true fans would never distribute your music like that).

YUM!!! Why is that pink icing makes them look like 1000 times yummier?! Thanks for posting! <3

Darn paparazzi, always twisting the truth! 😛 The world should know that you actually CAN bake! Your Devil’s Food Cake and ganache cupcakes were a hit. Maybe you just need your own baking show, hahaha! Or make a guest appearance on the blog of a foodie friend?

xD as a whole, that brownie loaf looked horribly questionable! But in individual slices? Looks like wicked sick biscottis with pink drama oozing all over! 😀 & 4th album? Even more yummmmm.

Great video. Never heard of Dark Planet, but I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work and beautiful music.

Cpt. Morgan

Excuse me, Cpt Morgan, are you THE Cpt Morgan (Bloody Crumpet) from Emilie Autumn’s Asylum?

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