Design Autopsy for "The Gun Song" EP

Just sharing a link to a blog from my close friend DestroyX (Angelspit) who was the mastermind behind the artwork for both of the 2008 Ayria releases: “The Gun Song” EP and “Hearts For Bullets” CD. It’s really cool! She explains her artisitc process for creating the art work for “The Gun Song” EP based on some inspirational material provided by me, the overall image of Ayria, and of course,the music. I feel she was able to combine and capture all elements so perfectly through her art. I’m waiting for part two, where she deconstructs the elaborate design for the full CD “Hearts For Bullets”.

2 AMAZING videos from the tour

In Austin, Texas we got a surprise visit on stage from the Cruxshadows dancers Jess & Sarah. Seeing this video makes me think that the audition for Ayria dancers should happen in early 2009! 😉

Can’t see the embedded video? Click here!

Here’s me getting inked before a show in Columbus, Ohio. Yeah I know what you’re thinking.. I’m totally awesome!!

Can’t see the embedded video? Click here!