I’m in Omaha… ramblings…

Wow, it’s crazy being in America during the U.S. election and not being able to be part of it at all! Madness on the T.V. I tell you.

So, I’m unfortunately very, very sick. I almost cancelled a show last night due to having no voice at all. It was terrifying! I pushed through and somehow did a show (I thank Rogue for his magic steam machine and great pharmacy recommendations) but now I’m completely drained of all energy, drugged up, and planning to sleep the day away in this Omaha hotel room.

Before I crash, here’s 6 current songs that I’d recommend to anyone with similar tastes in music as me. I’ve been listening to these a lot in the van and I like sharing!
1. Humanitarianism – Zeitgeist (this is my current favourite song)
2. Wait For You – Hadouken!
3. Boxed – Jabberwock
4. I Never Said – Kloq
5. Fail – Everything Goes Cold
6. You’ll Find A Way – Santogold (thanks Blepharisma!)

I need more new music though! I’m bored of my iPod right now so recommendations would be great!