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Ayria style: arm stuff & my love of jelly bracelets

Welcome to my first entry where I discuss elements of the “Ayria style” more specifically, my arm accessories. I thought it might be fun to post about the elements that go into the look that I’ve cultivated for the stage while sharing one of my many obsessions – Jelly Bracelets!!! 😉

Ayria arms from Flicker Photo Shoot
Ayria arms from Flicker Photo Shoot

Welcome to my first entry where I discuss elements of the “Ayria style”.  I want to post semi-regulary a mix of different topics from music (of course) to touring, inspiration, etc.  So, I have no idea how this will all turn out, but for this post I thought it might be fun to post about the elements that go into the look that I’ve cultivated for the stage. Having toured quite a bit now (I’ve been on the road about 3 months out of a year for the past 3 years), I’ve learned that everything I need to pack, needs to get compartmentalized so I don’t forget anything.  All the stuff I’ve been piling  on my arms has made them a signature part of my look I guess, but a more important self-discovery is that that I’ve realized that I feel completely naked and incomplete if I haven’t put this stuff on my arms before getting on stage! It’s become an obsession, a weird sense of security (maybe a disorder of some kind, who knows ;)) Through the years some of these arm pieces have been on tour and onstage with me since I started Ayria, which makes this kind of a historical collection of little things I’ve amassed since the beginning of my touring advenures! So, I hope you enjoy this post which showcases what I pack on tour that’s just for my arms alone plus any stories behind them.

I guess it all started with my obsession for black jelly bracelets and from there grew to more bracelets,  cuffs, gloves, bicep bands, etc.  and I’ve even lost a LOT of stuff on the road too so the collection was actually larger before. Losing stuff is a part of touring. It just happens when you’re packing up your stuff every night in different cities backstage, hotels, busses, etc. (Luckily, none of my accessories are expensive!) Here is a picture of how the arm gear gets stored and packed:

arms in bags
Ayria - arms in bags

Yes, those are giant plastic zip-lock baggies.  This was one amazing tip I learned from Jessica of the Cruxshadows while touring with them.  She has this insanely organized system of putting things into plastic baggies.  Not only can you reduce the space things take up by pushing the air out, but it also makes things easier to find and keeps clean outfits separate from dirty ones.  I of course was the only one on tour that had a baggie just for arm accessories, but anyways,  Pictured are the 2 bags I store at home, one is labelled “Ayria Arms” and the other bag is “Ayria – Back Up Arms”. I know. Crazy stuff.  I only bring one of the bags on tour, but this shows how much crap I have that I even have back up arm accessories not in the main rotation! 😉  Here is the content of the “Ayria Arms” bag laid out for everyone to see:

arms on display
Ayria - arms on display

There are 4 componets that make up my arm accessories: # 1: Jelly bracelets.  Here in this picture I have over 80 black ones.  A few noteable ones were the gifts I got like the “Deathguild” ones from one of my favourite club nights in San Francisco, California, and the Cruxshadows one that I got while on the road with them (I have a pink one too that I couldn’t find, typical), plus some of them are from fans that give them to me at shows.

Jelly Bracelets
Ayria - Jelly Bracelets

2. Bicep Bands: These get pulled up over my massive muscles 😉 The one on the right with the zipper is famously from the cover of the “Flicker” CD (below is a pic of me wearing it during the”Flicker” photo shoot) and was made by my friend Amy in Seattle, along with the army green heart ones.  The pink Plastik Wrap logo is visible in there too.  The rest I was crafty (or cheap) and just made from pieces of  cut up fishnets and interesting tights that got holes in them and needed to be recycled to a higher purpose.

Ayria - Biceps
Ayria Flicker photo shoot - showing off bicep band
Ayria Flicker photo shoot - showing off bicep band

3. Gloves: No real stories for these, kind of boring (but still very important).  Mainly just bought at places like Hot Topic in the U.S. and Ardene or Claires while I’m home here in Toronto.

Ayria - gloves

4. Other wrist accessories: studded bracelets, cuffs, rhinestone bracelets. I bought the pink studded one in San Francisco on Haight street.  Bracelets sometimes become my souvenirs of a city!  I’m quite the collector of arm stuff!

more stuff
Ayria - more arm stuff
bracelets and fishnet arms
Ayria - bracelets and fishnet arms

My all time favourite “wrist accessory” is pictured below and is an elastic lace wrist cuff I got when Ayria had the privledge of playing in Japan.  I needed a souvenir from Harajuku and thought this was lovely!  It has a bow, studs on the lace, a chain, safety pins and a hilarious tag:

Japan wrist decoration
Ayria - Japan wrist decoration
Japan wrist decoration - tag
Japan wrist decoration - tag

The back of the tag cracks me up and I’m considering titling some songs from my next CD based on this.  Like several things in Japan, something got lost in translation.  They had a whole culture of hard core punk rock fashion, but Japanese culture was so positive and not rebellious that it all comes out kind of funny.  For example, a knock off Sex Pistols shirt where instead of printing lyrics “No Future For You!” it said “Good Future For You!” In a totally bad ass font!  It was awesome and hilarious! I ♥ Japan so much (but that’s a whole other story I should do!)

Wow, never knew I could have so much to say about arm accessories! Thanks for reading the first instalment dedicated to other things making up the Ayria world and aesthetics.   Since I’ve dedicated this year to working as a musician working on the new material, I’m trying to look for creative ways to generate a bit more income, while trying to offer those who already have all the music, some neat little keepsakes.  So, here’s the deal, if you enjoyed reading my blog and want to have a little piece of Ayria history, if you donate any amount of your choice (minimum of  $5.00 please – so I can cover  the costs), I will personally send you one of my jelly bracelets pictured above (Gasp! Yes, I’m going to part with some of them), with a fishnet bow with a signed tag, plus a card with a personalized message to you all as pictured below 😉

Ayria Bracelet Offer
Ayria Bracelet Offer

Ok, so I’ve shared one of my obsessions with you (I ♥ jelly bracelets)…. what’s your obsession? 😉

Much love,


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I have one of your bracelets but it’s about to snap so I put it on my wall 🙂
I’ll get another when I have moneys in my bank account 😀

Wow, cool stuff!
I used to wear loads of wristbands and bracelets as a teenager… I actually found my old, favorite spike wristband last week when I cleaned out my wardrobe, hadn’t seen it for ages ♥

I would love to have one of your bracelets, tho I have no idea how much the shipping is to Sweden…

I also love jelly bracelets and arm stuff. I’m actually obsessed with stockings, if my tights get too torn up I cut more holes into them, make them into thigh highs and wear them with a garter belt. If I lose a thigh high I keep the other one and wear them mismatched…I also use the plastic bag method of storage and organization.

Hi Jennifer – I love the look of torn up & cut tights, especially when different colours are layered. I saw this look a lot in San Francisco when I was there and thought it looked cool. I just never knew how to do it that well, and I prefer just plain fishnets and I try NOT to get holes in them. I used to go through about 3 pairs a week on tour, until I discovered Capezio’s dancer fishnets. They are made for super heros, I swear to god! 😉

Anny – yeah, the look of spiked ones never suited me personally (I’d probably seriously hurt myself on stage haha 😉 but I think they look cool!

I think my obsession for coats/jackets is purely to have more places to stick buttons and brooches. I don’t completely cover the coats with pins, it’s more about finding the right accessory to make each coat look extra-fabulous. Love going to vintage and crafty stores, like Redux in Portland, OR, to find new pins. My favorite coat in my collection is knee-length, black faux-fur (short textured “fur” not shaggy) from the 1910s, with huge lapels onto which I have stuck a blue rhinestone starburst.

Hey Jenn

Thanks for your blogs, they’re really interesting to read. I’m a new fan and I haven’t got a hold of your music yet because I’m broke at the minute, but it’s my birthday soon and they’ll be the first things I’ll buy!

How long are you offering these lovely wrist bands?

Thanks 😀

@ Brit – Ahh a jacket/brooch combo obsession! Your blue rhinestone starburst sounds beautiful! I also have a rhinestone obsessions too! That will have to be another post 😉

@ Jemma – Welcome and thank you!! I guess I should have said “limited offer” so the jelly bracelets don’t run out and i have to leave on tour this June with naked arms! 😉 I think I have plenty so don’t worry 😉

My obsession is buttons. I put them all over my purse. I especially like band buttons because they remind me of concerts I’ve been to. I’ve got KMFDM, Angelspit, Asemblage 23, The Cruxshadows, and of course Ayria buttons on my purse right now, plus some anime buttons I bought at conventions and even a couple I made! I’ve almost run out of room on the front flap (I’ve got a mini-messenger bag), so pretty soon I’ll have to be pinning buttons up the strap!

Simply put, cookbooks and neckties. I have enough ties to warrant a couple of neat-o black velvet-lined tie hangers. As for cookbooks, no matter how enticing one looks, I’ve had to will myself to not buy more. I already have an entire shelf on one of my bookcases filled with dozens of cookbooks, with many recipes that are never going to be used. On the bright side, if you ever want cookies, cupcakes, and the like, I’m a good baker, and have plenty of material with which to work to whip up a batch to bring to the next Ayria show that I attend. 🙂

@ Ayria- thanks for the tip on the dancer fishnets. I never really know if what I’m doing looks 100% right, but I just go with it. Wearing tights under thigh highs makes them stay up better when they stop being stretchy too. And there’s also, I don’t know the correct term for it, but usually hear them called “industrial strength” fishnets that I’ve bought at this store that sells stripper wear, but I’ve only actually bought them as thigh highs without the annoying elastic bands at the top, so I have to wear them with a garter belt.
I just donated to your cause. I think I’ll be at your show in Pittsburgh in June and if I run into you there I’ll give you a bracelet to add back to your arm stuff collection, so it can be a donation and a trade, I guess.

I’ve got an entire drawer full of cuffs that I’ve made over the years, and I always have exactly 12 jelly bracelets on each wrist that never come off. I feel naked without them!

@ Shelley – Buttons make for such good collections! They can be cute, funny, band ones or places. I have some but not dispayed anywhere good.

@ Shawn – WOW! Neckties and cookbooks. Sounds like a title of a show, or book or something. Very interesting. If you bring cupcakes to an Ayria show, that would seriously impress me. I love them. I don’t want to start a trend, or I won’t be able to fit on the tour bus 😉

@ Jennifer L – Thank you so much hun!! As for the tights, it’s awesome just experimenting, who cares what’s “right”. Someone once said to me: “is that a sock on your arm?” Me: “yeah. so?” 😉

Great post!

It’s given me an idea of something I can give you next time rather than HobNobs 🙂

Nooooo, my weakness for collecting music memorabilia! You’ve found it! Of COURSE I have to support you and your music and have a jelly bracelet to show for it!

Best wishes to you and looking forward to hearing the new material!

P.S. Colorado tour dates!!

I’ll probably be at the Rochester show in June, so I’ll make chocolate cupcakes, unless you’d prefer another flavor. 🙂

Very interesting blog, keep them coming! I love to learn more about you, I’m glad you’re giving us the opportunity to get to know you a bit more. Your music is phenomenal, and you seem to have a great personality.

Ayria <3

I will totally donate to you when i get paid! I want to support you and your music. And coming across this blog really helps me understand you and your music so much more! You definatly have my support 100% The moment im paid ill contribute 😀 As for accessories.. i used to own SOOO many of them. I had jelly bracelets up to my elbows. I have several of them i have kept (including one from you :D) and i keep them stored in a little black box i painted. Japan fashion is amazing.. they can express themselves without even a head turning unless its to gawk in amazement. If only the states wouldnt be so taunting about it! Haha. I have a little late necklace with a bell attacked from an anime convention. I dont wear it anymore but it used to be my favorite. Those plastic bags are a fantastic way.. i wish i would have known that years ago! Maybe id still have my bracelets =P
You are fantastic! Now… heres the million dollar question.. Would you make an entry on makeup tips? 😀

Sorry I can’t respond to all comments directly! I appreciate them you guys! Thanks for sharing your obsessions with me! 😉

Mandi – I WAS thinking of doing a future make up post! It’s funny, I’ve obviously got a very girlie side worked into the Ayria aesthetics but I’ve never really talked about things like that. I’ve always just focussed on the music! But, still doing that of course, I DO get asked a lot of questions about my make up and hair, etc. I’d love to have fun and open up and share this too in addtion to the music. Yay for me discovering blogging this month! So many ideas…

If anyone has other ideas for topics they want me to post about, shout them out! 😉

Jenn, I’ve donated to the great cause of supporting your music.

The song dissection is awesome. Not many artists talk about what they were thinking about when they were writing their songs., maybe it’s too personal. But your dissections add a whole new meaning for me and the lyric writing process give me insight as well. I’m looking forward to when you get to Girl on the Floor and Invisible actually.

I see you’ve added Richmond, VA…and it’s on a Saturday. That means I’ll be at Philly and Richmond…don’t forget DC and Baltimore is in between there!

Jenn, very much enjoying all the blogs. My bracelet collection is a little smaller than yours… being a grand total of one. 😛

The largest collection I seem to have of anything is bookmarks, of which I’ve managed to accrue a fair few over the years.

Oh I’m so excited for it! Im not very good with makeup and i love how you do yours. I know your so busy with blogging,touring, and of course your personal life.. but when you blog about your music again.. Could you do a dissection of “Girl on the Floor”? Thats one of the songs i find myself thinking “I wonder what the meaning of this song is?” All songs have different meanings. Some you understand.. but that one i just get so curious about. Yay for Jennifer’s blogs! I find myself excited to come home from work and jump on here now 😀

Hello Jennifer,
I am very pleased to donate anything I can to your music, I love it! As a student studying feminism I especially love your song ‘bad list’ and couldn’t agree more with your views about women in the music industry. I don’t know if you remember but I met you at the concert in Sheffield with my boyfriend (the guy you thought you recognised) and you signed my hearts for bullets boxset – which is gorgeous by the way! Anyway, keep on writing and I look forward to your next visit to the uk 🙂
Nicole x.

Thank you so much Nicole! I remember meeting you! It is so interesting that you’re studying feminism in school! The music industry is definitely male dominated and the genre I’m in, seemingly even moreso at times since there just aren’t as many women in music. I just try to put myself and my music out there as an individual, I do have very feminine elements to my chosen form of expression, but it’s all still just a representation of me 😉 Looking forward to getting back to Sheffield!!

Ditto everything everyone says positive here! lol. (I’m always late!). I prefer female vocals, yours being totally awesome, and I love your lyrics. I thought about your comment regarding what to do after the teenage angst… then realized your music is really relevant way beyond that (e.g. hearts for bullets, the entire album). But anyway, the fashion stuff is great – I love the way you make your own look and sound and don’t try to imitate. You’re you! That’s the best. Maybe sometime you’ll do an article on your home and studio, would love to see what you have on the walls and all, too. hehe. These blogs you’re doing are a blast! Thankee! – John

John! Better late than never 😉
My friend who did the video for “My Device” recently filmed a fake cribbs while we were working on doing another interview! Once he edits it together, I’ll post it so everyone can see my tiny apartment in Toronto! What it lacks in space, it makes up for in colour & style 😉

Also, one quote from Kurt Cobain I can’t get out of my head from a Nirvana song is “teenage angst has paid off well, now I’m bored and old” I think about that all the time. I always thought you’d grow up and all these intense feelings and emotions might magically go away. I’ve found you don’t stress about the same things, and those feelings that causes so much pain when you were younger get less intense but they stay with you always and just show up in your life in new ways 😉

Oooh, a peek into the Ayria realworldspace, something to look forward to indeed! =)
It’s true there’s a transition in which the angst morphs into more concern, or anger, or some other emotions… but knowing you are an intelligent woman with your head on straight, it shouldn’t be hard at all for you to write songs about things you think about – whether positive things (dreams, etc), just interesting (like “Redshift”), or things that might make you concerned/angry (like politics, religion, Hockey (lol), mysoginists with guns, etc)… there are so many fascinating stories waiting to come out of your head, through your microphone, into SEB’s studio, and out to us to appreciate. I, for one, am excited to see what comes next!

Jenn, I love reading your blogs! I’ve only owned all your music for a couple of months, but it is incredible (and so are you!) About your style, I’m curious to know where you get your gothic boots. I’ve been searching for a good pair for a while, but they’re so hard to find, and so expensive!
Thanks! -Kelly

I wanna donate money but I was wondering if I would be able to do that while purchasing from your store or do I gotta do it separately?

I’m wanting to see your apartment to see how many Hello Kitties are spottable. 😛

I only have a tartan and a black one at the mo though D:
Oh and I want a tweed blazer…shame Ill never find one in my size.

Hey Jen…come to Reading-UK 😀
If you cant find a venue you can always use my house xD

Hmmm. It’s next Friday and Jen hasn’t posted the new update yet… I hope she’s okay up there in Canada. What if there was a zombie outbreak in Toronto? Does Jen have the proper zombie-fighting gear? Oh dear!

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