Tour Blog #2 – Pittsburgh, Rochester, Philly, Washington

Here’s me rocking one of the new shirts:


Ok, so I’m in a blur right now. We are at show 4 of doing 6 shows in a row this week.  It’s exhausting, but we carry on, just as excited for each show as the next!  I haven’t blogged in a bit but it’s been pretty busy when we get into our hotel at 3:00 am and have to get up by 11:00 am to drive to the next city.  The best time I have to write, is in the van while everyone is either zoned out, sleeping, listening to music, etc.  We didn’t have our AC working in the van until Washington, D.C. and we were in heat wave temperatures, so needless to say, trying to write was not my top priority the past few days.  But now, we are back to normal, the van is an icebox and we are all happy campers once again and enjoying our East coast leg of this tour!

We’ve played some amazing shows in this East leg so far!  Instead of trying to write about each individual show, and before things really blur together, I’ve come up with  a kind of “best of” list below where I highlight some of the cool things that have happened in each city so far.  Honestly, every city has been incredible, and I’m probably forgetting stuff already (sorry if I do), but here’s what’s been going on so far:

City that…

Had the most merch sold to: Minneapolis (thank you Minneapolis!  Selling merch is truly our bread and butter while touring so we thank you guys for buying stuff)
Best After party: Milwaukee (club anything! Thanks Gary & crew.. yeah, for my hangover!)
Best sound: Milwaukee (a personal high for me at least)
City that brought along pink guns as props for The Gun Song: Chicago & Philadelphia. It’s becoming a thing!
City where I got the best presents from (not expected of course, just cute) 3 way tie:
– Pittsburgh (cupcakes from my girl Borris), homemade armband with a “J” on it (thanks Jennifer)
– Rochester (cupcakes from Shawn & a necklace from Sarah)
– Chicago (a black and white striped corset from that I later wore in Washington, D.C., plus a signed copy of the Deftone’s White Pony CD, thanks David!)
Best home cooked catering backstage: Rochester (Thanks Steve’s wife Kimberly for the amazing veggie lasagna!)
Yummiest “spread”: Philadelphia (cherries, strawberries, hummus, and chocolate cake. Thanks to Patrick’s ladies!!
Craziest, most intense audience: Chicago & Philadelphia.. so far, but all shows have been amazing in their own way! I love looking out in the crowd and seeing so many familiar faces  singing along with me & dancing and new people enjoying the show.
Best Mosh Pit during our set: Washington, D.C. (ok, the ONLY mosh pit, but still…deserved a shout out
Best duet: Pittsburgh where I had Jim Semonik come on stage and sing “Blue Alice” with me!
Warmest Stage: Chicago (my face melted off halfway through the set, but it’s all rock and roll baby!
Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to us on stage: nothing…YET! Stay tuned! Bwahaha  😉

Next city: New York tonight at the Southpaw in Brooklyn!  I wonder what title NY will take and will some of these change as we do more shows? 😉

Much love you guys!

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More pictures:

How many band members does it take to stare at an engine trying to figure out if they can fix the air conditioning 😉


IMG_2575Kevin aka “Wolfgang Hans Helmut” setting up the merch

IMG_2548Mike and Kevin at breakfest.  Mike’s face pretty much sums it all up

IMG_2565Cupcakes in Pittsburgh!! Mmmm…

IMG_2569Me, doing a handheld shot.. somewhere 😉

IMG_2574More merch set up… so.. much.. pink 😉

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Thank you for an unforgettable, awesometastic show in Phily, Jenn! Your shows are incredible and there were some wonderful surprises you had for us 😉 I love the new merch, too, so much greatness! Shouts out to Mike and Kevin “Wolfgang Hans Helmet” (I shouted “Wolfgang” in Philly and got a waveback:) Rock on, Ayria!! <3

We’re missing you in Florida!! I second that you need to sell any extra “You Are On My Bad List” t shirts when you wrap up your tour! I want one!!

Omg! I want the gray Ayria splatter T-Shirt and a “You Are on my bad list” tee! so bad! sell me one! SELL ME ONE! lol. Hope you are having the hell of a time Jenn!


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