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Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote Bag is awesome.So several pockets – as well as not those small, worthless pockets, either. Almost all of the storage compartments are a great dimension and actually support maintain every thing organized. The handles are a wonderful length and fit nicely more than the actual shoulder; the handle shoulder straps also remain place on my shoulder, which is critical as soon as you are having a newborn. The tote appears fantastic, as well. Not too fancy, but not too casual. (I’ve it in black) The material is soft (can’t believe of a better word) so it’s simple to squeeze in to tight spaces – but yet it is sturdy. I have a Fleurville Lexi carry and I love it, as well, but this tote is type of stiff. I believe this Skip*Hop may grow to be my daily handbag. It’s a bit huge – so if you’re not really in to significant hand bags this may well be better as an over-night diaper bag.


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Doing some shopping on my mobile, most unfortunately the shop doesn’t support my version of flash. Will “borrow” the wifi at work when I get a few moments.

PS Ayria’s music gets me through hard times and long work days, thank you

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