Listen to a new song! Ayria featured on Corporate Soldiers Track

A New Song for your audio pleasure!! Last year, I collaborated with Jersey band: Corporate Soldiers on the track “Give It To You”.  It’s a sexy, fun, electro clubby song and here it is in it’s entirety for you to listen to!


Enjoy the track, leave feedback, spread the word and support the band:

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And since I’m excited over the new gallery of pictures I’ve been getting back from Jeff Turner, I thought I’d share this photo too of me 😉


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Love it! Thanks for sharing. I’m a dancing fool,and it’s a nice bit of fun in the dreary winter time!

Thanks guys! I’m so glad you like it! The song has a really fun groove to it! Made me dance the first time I heard it so I was exited to collaborate with Corporate Soldiers on this one! 😉

What a great song, and it’s so cool of you to share it with us! The song reminds me a bit of The Feint (the vocals in particular), but this is better. Very cool. Gracias! 🙂

Love the song and the new pic too; you’re so beautiful Jennifer with a melodic voice. I’ll be looking out for the new album.
Love ya, Jenn.

hit me, but a song that takes more than half of it to come up with something that can be vaguely identified as Jennifers unmodified voice isnt what i expect from Ayria

good music though

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