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Beautiful Girls: Make Up Contest WINNERS

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Ayria Inspired make up contest! This weekend I reviewed all the entries and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve chosen 2 first place winners of this contest, plus one runner up! It was too difficult to choose, you are all so beautiful & creative with your looks, I loved the use of the liner, pinks, purples, other funky colours, even the hair too! But these 2 videos seemed to have gone above and beyond as I’m sure you can all see why! I’m sending them both the grand prize pictured below and something to the runner up as well. Thanks to everyone who participated, with special mentions going out: to Chloe, Helena, Kat, Amber (very amazing & informative video! I loved your colours!), Kate (awesome use of intense pink & purple), Kitts (loved your pink & smoky look, you are beautiful!), Leslie (pigtails rocked, your liner was amazing & you are super cute!), Misty Marie (loved your hair, and makeup!)

WINNER: Helena’s Ayria Inspired Make Up: Her video is amazing! I loved her intense use of purples, and using the little stick on gems at the end was so creative:

WINNER: Chloe’s Ayria Inspired Make Up: This girl is incredible! She’s done over 7 videos of different Ayria make up looks, she could pass as my little sister, and she did a great job of putting together her video:

RUNNER UP: Kat’s picture of her pink shadow, black liner, glitter and creative idea to put stars along her cheeks was very cute! Bonus points for the NHL shirt <3 😉 GRAND PRIZE:

Everyone else, if you want to have your own piece from my makeup collection, donations of any amount over $15 (or over $20 outside the U.S. and Canada as I need to cover all shipping & the cost of the supplies) I’ll send you 2 sample sized pink & purple pigments (this is the size I bring on tours & from my own experience, it lasts forever!!) pictured below. Anything over $30 I’ll send you all 4 colours including the silver & pink glitter (again, worldwide shipping is included) Every donation will also get a pink jelly bracelet & a personalized signed note to you too! (The make up is all from my personal collection, I’ve divided it into jars from a larger (unused) container! I have too much of these specific colours right now. This is meant as a keepsake from me and will only be available until my own supplies run out. Proceeds go towards helping fund expenses for my upcoming U.S. tour dates!! 😉
Ayria Pink & Purple Pigments

Thanks & Love!

31 replies on “Beautiful Girls: Make Up Contest WINNERS”

Wow! You guys look awesome. Thanks for posting the pics Jennifer! Can’t wait for the tour!

What a wonderful contest, and great entries! I am simply amazed at all the work that goes into the makeup – the artistry. Fascinating to see how it’s done. Can’t wait for the concert!

I can’t believe I came joint first! 😀
The other winners have totally stunning make-up!
I’d love to see who else had entered also.
Congrats everyone! ;D

I’m so excited about the joined first place!
Kat’s and Chloe’s makeup creations are so pretty and fun! 🙂

I wonder if, just for the sake of argument, a guy would have been eligible to win this contest, if they applied the makeup and everything. XD Just an afterthought, really.

@ Suren: I think so, cause in the contest description she wrote “Please note, you don’t have to look like me girls and boys!” So pretty much yes I guess.

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