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What’s a girl to wear to a Fetish Prom? Headlining May 28th in Arizona + Spring Tour Post Mortem


So what’s a girl to wear to a fetish prom?  I so far have no ideas so I’m hoping this week I’m spending in Montreal at the Kinetik Festival will inspire some new fashion ideas. I’ll be seeing some of the new Plastik Wrap line as they have made so many delicious items for me in the past.  Or perhaps I go more risque this time?  Hmmm… post your suggestions on what I should wear! 😉

I can’t wait to get to Phoenix for the Prom taking place at the Venue of Scottsdale next Saturday. This is my first time at a Fetish Prom and we are there to party all night long with everyone!  We will be playing a nice and long headlining set full of songs we haven’t broken out in a while, and we promise you a night of non-stop electro-industrial danceable energetic fun!

18+ event, $20 advance tickets, $25 at the door.  Full Details and Tickets can be found at:

Fetishprom - Ayria



Thank you to everyone who made it out to see us on the road this past March and April!  Some of our first times headlining many of these cities!  I felt overwhelmed by the crowds and by the massive amounts of support you showed us.  Perhaps you followed along with me on the Ayria Facbook page as I tried to post from all the cities along the way, but tour highlights included 2 encores in Portland, ME, Ayria cupcakes in Portland, OR (maybe it’s a Portland thing on either coast!) Insane crowds in Philly, San Francisco, Seattle & New York. Intimate and energetic crowds in Salem (what an awesome city to see!), D.C., Buffalo, and so many other amazing tour stops along the way, we love you all!! Special thanks to all the promoters and those people that work hard to bring us to your cities, and a special shout out to John and Kim, my 2 street teamers who won the VIP experience of hanging out with me backstage!) Next tour dates will be arranged once the new CD “Plastic Makes Perfect” is done, out and ready to be promoted! Hoping by the end of this year.  Progress has been slow, but we’re buckling down for the summer (taking a break from touring) to finish some serious work, productions, planning and preparation.  I’m extremely excited and I have so many ideas and things I want to do to coincide with this!  I NEED to do another video as awesome as “My Device“, and soon!!! 😉

Cupcakes in Portland:

Photo of me in Seattle, WA, taken by gAk Photography

Here’s a short video of the amazing crowd in Philadelphia back in April taken from the stage:

ayria - philadelphia audience - 04/23/2011


And a hilarious video interview with Jet from Vampire Freaks during our stop in NYC: jet vs. ayria


Last week was my Birthday and I received so many birthday wishes, face book posts, and even a few gifts on the road!  Thanks you guys!   To all my fellow Taureans, happy birthday you stubborn but loyal bulls!  I’m always reminded of the Cruxshadow’s song “Birthday” and how another year has come and gone, it’s a yearly reminder that this could be the last day of your life, so question what really matters in life to you? Money? Fame? It just reminds me to take a step back from my routine, and try and appreciate the things I have and have done so I don’t just burn out. I couldn’t do Ayria without you guys, you are the ones who enjoy my music and even care enough to read this far in the newsletter 😉 So <3 love to you! Have a wonderful Spring!

Much love, xo..


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Hopefully I’ll see you at the prom, since I miss your last visit to Arizona and it would be my first time to a prom ever.

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