Three years after 2013’s “Plastic Makes Perfect”, Ayria strikes hard again with release number 5 “Paper Dolls”. AYRIA is now a 13 year scene veteran and Jennifer Parkin has proven her unique blend of cyber-punk-anime-goth-pop aesthetic, and her sonic exploration into the darker side of industrial and alt-pop is here to stay.  Ayria, an established icon of female club industrial music, mashing pounding beats, aggressive synths, with melodic female vocals and offering energetic live shows. Jennifer stays true to her roots on this new release diving back into the slick electro sound that started Ayria in 2003, while continuing to evolve the sound to appeal to modern listeners. Canadian singer songwriter Jennifer Parkin, Teamed up once again with heavyweight producer Sebastian R. Komor.  Their artistic chemistry to produce the kind of unique alternative electro-pop that sounds both big, gritty and beautiful all at once, continues to capture new breeds of fans around the globe.

2016’s “Paper Dolls” (April 22, 2016) is not minimal, this release is no longer an exploration.  This release is 11 solid anthmatic tracks that can each stand on their own as a single. Long gone is the young girl from 2003 starting a solo project and exploring her sound. What’s left in 2015 on “Paper Dolls” is a confident artist, a mature sound, and some of Jennifer’s strongest songwriting to date, all combined with explosive, ear-candy production highlighting vocals in the midst of AYRIA’s huge beats and synths.

Laying it all out there for listeners with lyrical themes of suicide, technology & social media, feminism, abuse, opulence, emptiness, isolation and monsters, with a hint at happiness just so you know that not all hope is lost.

This release will continue to appeal to fans, as Ayria’s established and unique genre of female industrial-alt-pop has brought listeners along for over a decade into this world of distortion, bass, melody and melancholy. Jennifer invites you in again, to hear for yourself where she’s been, and where she has now arrived at and conquered.

 “Paper Dolls”, will be released April 22, 2016, comes as a regular CD, special 2CD limited edition “glitter” box set with disc 2 titled “The Heartless Kingdom” which takes you on a moody ride featuring 2 more original tracks, some transformed ballad reworks of club tracks, remixes by personal friends Decoded Feedback, Bhambhamhara, as well as some goodies: postcards, stickers, posters. Finally this release comes on limited vinyl edition with pink vinyl.

Ayria Discography

• Paper Dolls (CD & Vinyl) – April 22, 2016
• Feed Her To The Wolves (Digital EP) – October 23, 2015
• Plastic Makes Perfect (CD) – May 24, 2013
• Plastic And Broken (Digital EP) – Feb 14, 2013
• Hearts For Bullets (CD) – September 2008
• The Gun Song (EP) – 2008
• Flicker (CD) – 2005
• My Revenge On The World (EP) – 2005
• Debris (CD) –  October 2003